International Homestay Agency - Chico

Located just 80 miles north of California's capital city of Sacramento lies the city of Chico. This very diverse community, nestled in the Northern California central valley,  is surrounded by mountains and brimming with all types of wildlife and activities for almost every lifestyle.  There is hiking, fishing, hunting, golf, tennis, skiing (water or snow), biking, boating, flying, gold prospecting, artistic endeavors, such as painting, drawing, sculture, glass blowing, or just listening to classical or popular music.  This quaint community has it all and much more, including the National Yo-Yo Championships.

Cliffs and Big Chico Creek in Upper Park 

    Known as the "City of Trees" and home to the 3rd largest city-owned park in the nation (Bidwell Park-17 miles long). Big Chico Creek runs right through the heart of town.  A little know fact is that the Hollywood original movie 'The Adventures of Robin Hood', starring Errol Flynn and Olivia DeHaviland was filmed in Bidwell Park.  This 1938 swashbuckler film used the park as the infamous 'lair' (known as Sherwood Forest) for Robin and his merry men.

  Chico was founded by the Bidwell family in the 1800's and is best known for California State University, Chico (CSUC) located in the heart of the city, providing higher education to a diverse student population of 14,000-18,000 full-time students from all walks of life and all corners of the globe. 
Just a short stroll from the CSU campus brings you to the quaint and charming downtown area where you can shop until you drop at antique shops, bike rentals, downtown shopping mini-centers, and lots of eating establishments of varying international cuisines.

Chico is truly a very unique community of 94,000 population with a flair for outdoor activities!

Our services are outlined below:

Whatever the occasion, we are here to help!

  • Homestay for International Students (Intermediate School, High School, & College)
  • Homestay for Visitors and Family
  • Homestay for Business Conferences
  • Homestay for Technical or Higher Education Training
  • Homestay while vacationing
  • Homestay for Sporting Events or other Special Events, such as the National Yo Yo Championships

We specialize in assisting international students' (long or short-term) homestay needs while attending Chico State University, Butte College (local community college) or local public and private high schools by immersing them in a home environment where English is spoken consistently, helping build confidence, providing a safe, stable, nurturing and friendly environment that builds long-term personal relationships and long-lasting memories!

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